Non Filers – For Stimulus Payments

By Bill

Please note… if the following applies to you do not follow this link or file a minimal return:

Do NOT continue here if:

  • You receive Social Security, Railroad Retirement, or SSDI benefits. The IRS will automatically send you an Economic Impact Payment.
  • You have already filed a 2019 federal income tax return.
  • Your 2019 gross income exceeded $12,200 ($24,400 for a married couple) or other reasons require you to file a 2019 federal tax return.
  • You were married at the end of 2019 and are not submitting information here with your spouse.
  • You were not a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident in 2019.

Non Filers – Stimulus Payment Info

Economic Impact Payments – Non-Filers: Enter Payme… – Tax Pro Community

The IRS launched a solution that allows taxpayers who don’t normally file a tax return (i.e. income is under the filing threshold) to provide the minimum information required for purposes of receiving Economic Impact Payments (commonly known as stimulus checks).

What action should I take?

Users with clients that are not required to file a full 2019 or 2018 tax return because they don’t meet minimal filing requirements and are eligible to receive Economic Impact Payments, should be directed to the following IRS link:


Please note:  This process is not for taxpayers that intend to later file a 2019 tax return.  Doing so will result in the 2019 return receiving a duplicate SSN e-file rejection.

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