Personal Tax Returns:

Every year on or about April 15th the same thing happens… every working citizen in this country has the responsibility to file an income tax return. At least until we wake up to the idea and make the Fair Tax plan reality.

For a large majority of us the process is painless and easy because we don’t itemize and are only dealing with a few W2/1099 forms and we’ve had sufficient withholding taken out of our paychecks so we’re due a refund.

For the rest you need the help of a professional.

Business Tax Returns:

One of the unfortunate by-products of running your own business is the responsibility of proper reporting to the government. If you have employees or hire subcontractors the need to stay on top of those report schedules becomes even more important.

My many years of experience dealing with the forms and ever changing tax rules is what makes my services indispensable to any growing business keep ahead of the competition by allowing you to focus on what matters, your next project or sale instead of spinning your wheels worrying about finding an IRS notice in the mailbox.